Conway Warm & Hot Water


DISPENSER (Online or External Water Purifier)

Suitable for:

Can use it as PoU (Point of Use) drinking water system where centralised water purifier (RO Plant) available for drinking.
Can also be connected with any external water Purifier.

Useful for:

Office, Schools, College, Hospitals, Industries, etc.


Online from over head tank or connect to external RO/UV water purifier.

Conway – D 50 WH (22 litres)
Conway – D 75 WH (30 litres)
Conway – D 100 WH (50 litres)
Conway – D 125 WH (80 litres)
Conway – D 250 WH (100 litres)
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Few advantages of Conway water purifier / water cooler / water dispenser:

  • Water purification methods based on the quality of raw water.
  • Conway water purifier has an advanced, Micro controller based PCB ensures 100% purity.
  • Conway water purifier uses World’s best purification methods like UV, OZONE, Reverse osmosis, etc.,
  • Conway water purifier has an advanced preventive maintenance information display.
  • Conway water purifiers are heavily built, using stainless steel housings, MS powder coated frames.
  • Conway water purifier has an option to provide warm, cold and hot purified water outlets.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
No. of Faucets


Number of Power Cord

5 Amps 1 number

Power Supply (AC 50 Hz)

180 to 260 Volts

MOC - Housing SS 202

Stainless Steel – 0.8 mm Sheet

MOC - Warm Water Tank


MOC - Legs SS 202

Stainless Steel – 2.0 mm Sheet

MOC – Faucets

Brass – Chromium Plated


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